How to Make a Christmas Decorations in a Glass Ball

If you’re looking for a few easy-to-make ornaments to decorate your tree this year, look no further than glass balls. They’re a great DIY craft project for kids and adults alike. You can personalize these Christmas decorations with anything you want, from photos to candy to pom poms! You can even create a unique gift for a friend or family member.

Turn ordinary ornaments into creative baubles that are sure to become the envy of your friends and neighbors! Start with plain ball ornaments and add paint, ribbon, stickers, and more to make the perfect DIY adornments. These handmade ornaments will look pretty on your tree and make wonderful gifts for your loved ones.

Snowman and Rudolph Ornaments

Save those burnt-out light bulbs and give them new life as a snowman or a reindeer. These simple ornaments are fun for kids to make, and you can find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to turn them into your own personalized creations at Crafts by Amanda.

Ornaments That Reflect Your Holiday Style

Designer Robin Baron shows how to dress up glass bulb ornaments with glitter for the holidays. This project can be done with any glass ball, but the most popular choices are clear or white ones.

A few spritzes of spray paint directed inside a clear glass ball will produce a cool mottled effect. You can also use acrylic craft paint to create swirls, or you can use different types of glitter.

Filling Clear Ornaments with Sequins

The simplest way to make sequin-filled glass ornaments is by pouring in a thin layer of floor wax, plugging the opening with your thumb, and shaking it until the confetti has been evenly distributed throughout the entire surface. You can then add a variety of colors, like the one in this example from Fox Hollow Cottage, or a single color to coordinate with your decor.

Swirled Glass Ornaments

Drip a few different colors of craft paint into a clear glass ball ornament and swirl gently to create these marbled baubles. These simple ornaments are perfect for beginners, and they look gorgeous hung on any tree!

Pom Pom Ornaments for Your Tree

These fun ornaments require only a few supplies and can be made with just about any glass ball. Simply insert silver and gold pom poms into the center of the glass balls for a sparkly holiday decoration that’s sure to attract attention.

Fingerprint Reindeer Ornaments

These fingerprint reindeer ornaments are a fun and easy Christmas craft for children to make, and they’ll be a keepsake they’ll cherish forever! The ornaments are also a great way to teach kids about the importance of letting others know your thoughts.

Winter Floral Ornaments

If you’re looking for a more natural take on a floral ornament, try this pinecone design from One Little Project. You can find a full tutorial at An Extraordinary Day.

Polka Dot and Swirl Ornaments

This complete set of 25 red and white polka dot and swirl glass mini Christmas ornaments come fully painted for a beautiful vintage peppermint look on your mini trees! They’re perfect to tip the branches of your miniature Christmas tree or for decorating a bowl or vase.

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